by John on Ohio Mastiffs
Perfect breeder

I love my mastiff I am with her 24/7 we do everything together thank you Barbara for bringing such joy and happiness to my with with one of your mastiffs great home protector KHLOE is at 181.8 lbs in shape thank you!!!!!!!! Plus the attention KHLOE gets at Santa Claus and Easter bunny is over whelming everywhere I go she is the center of attention just the way she carries her self I am here Attitude...........

by Felicia Kunkler on Ohio Mastiffs
Great Breeder!!

Very happy with my puppy!! I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to be a future puppy parent to a beautiful mastiff!

by Fred Earley Jr on Ohio Mastiffs
Best Baby Boy

I got my Mydus from Mrs. Barbara and he is one of my best puppies ever. He is also the larges dog I have had. He is 2 and he is weighing in 255 lbs and very health and very happy. He is a kisser and love to sleep, eat and smell the flowers in the yard. I will always be a customer

by barb on Ohio Mastiffs
A great place to buy a mastiff puppy!

Hi. I have looked for weeks for a mastiff puppy and am very picky. Its a difficult job especially when some breeders that I spoke with seem to be so rude or their dogs just din't quite measure up. Barbara and her husband Ron at Merckle Hilltop Mastiffs had the cleanest homes for their babies as I have ever saw. Their dogs were well taken care of and beautifully built. Not only that but Barbara and Ron both had the nicest personalities, and made buying a puppy a very pleasant experience-as it should be. Beautiful puppies!!!

by Melissa on Ohio Mastiffs
Mr. Personality (Bogart)

I would recommend Barbara 100%. I contacted Barbara after she was recommended by a well known breeder that was retiring; we spoke many times over email and phone asking all questions regarding her puppies. When we finally decided what puppy we wanted, I contacted Barbara by phone; we drove down to get our new puppy. Her animals and facilities are well taken care of. Bogart is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Barbara for the wonderful experience Bob and Melissa.

by Laine on Ohio Mastiffs
We love our lil' girl...

Hi Barb! I just wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful lil' addition to our family! Darby 2 now known as "Mox" short for Moxahala is the best puppy we could ask for! She has been home with us for a week now and has adjusted to her new home wonderfully! She has yet to have any accidents and goes to the door whining when she would like to go outside to potty! She is a growing girl, and makes us very happy! She loves our kids and is very gentle with them, and as for Gracie her K9 sister, it was love at first site! They spend the day playing and wrestling and just enjoying life! I would defintely reccomend you to anyone and we are just so happy! Thanks for becoming part of our family and we can't wait to see you again! The Bradfords, Parkersburg WV

by sheryl on Ohio Mastiffs
Sadie Mae

My husband and I read Barbara's ad in our local newspaper. I called her and we visited her the next weekend. I was so impressed with her--she loves her Mastiffs and her "home" for them is amazing. She was so patient with our many questions. The adult dogs didn't know us, but were so sweet and friendly--giving kisses! I fell in love with these dogs and had to have one. We bought Sadie Mae who was 7 wks, old. She is now 15 months old and we can't imagine life without her. She is beautiful with a beautiful head and face. So loving and smart. In the future, we are going to take her to Barbs to be bred. Before you buy a Mastiff, call Barb and talk to her. She is a sincere, honest, loving person who guarantee's her dogs. You'll have a great experience if you buy from Merckle's Hilltop Kennels.

by MaryLou on Ohio Mastiffs
Stella stole our hearts!

Dealing with Barbara was a wonderful experience. She is so knowledgavble about this breed and very patient with all of our phone calls and questions. Her pups are with out a doubt the best. Our new pup "Stella" is truely amazing she is so smart, gentle, good with the children and our cat and she is so eager to please. She is such a beautiful looking dog as well. We would recommend Barbara and her dogs to everyone. We hope to take a family trip to Ohio to visit her and Stella's mom and dad someday.

by Clarissa on Ohio Mastiffs
Beautiful Mastiffs

What a great experience! I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Barb. She was great about answering questions and knows a lot about mastiffs. I felt very confident buying a puppy from Barb and will not hesitate to call her if I am ever looking for another dog. Her puppies are very well taken care of
and her facilities are very clean. Thanks Barb. Clarissa Reynolds

by Valerie on Ohio Mastiffs
Complete pleausre to do business with!!

I was very skeptical about purchasing a puppy online, after reading many horror stories from people. This breeder is totally legitimate and fabulous! She got my puppy to me the next morning after I decided to purchase him and when he arrived he was everything I hoped he would be - and more! Everything she promised me was with the puppy when he arrived, and he was in perfect condition. I have spoken to others who have purchased from her and she is the best. Very honest, and patient with all of my questions. I would buy from her again in a heartbeat. If you have questions, or are skeptical, anyone is
welcome to contact me for a reference. -Valerie

by Kim on Ohio Mastiffs

After my husband purchased his Mastiff last year, I just had to have one of my own. I've made several trips to Barbara's home and admired her pups and I finally was able to talk my husband into our second Mastiff. Mastiff's are people dogs. They have the size and natural deep bark that can intimidate any
intruder, but yet in reality, they truly live up to their reputations as gentle giants that I trust with all the kids and small animals that live around here. So laid back and loving. I took Isabella to the vet for her vet check and she got all thumbs up. She knows how to raise high quality healthy pups and I would have no reservations in recommending her.

by anita on Ohio Mastiffs
COOPER is Awesome!!!!

I had been looking for a Mastiff for a while but when I saw this one and I found out he was still availible I knew he was the one for my family. We live in Florida and I was very leery of an online purchase but after speaking with Barbara I felt very comfortable in doing so. She was very sweet to talk to and made this transaction really painless. I contacted her on Tuesday and our beautiful BIG Boy was here the next day. He is everything we had hoped for and then some. I can't say enough about him. I would recommend this breeder and I will definitely buy again from her. Thanks so much Anita from Florida

by Sheila on Ohio Mastiffs
Scroll No More...Buy your Pup from Merckle's!

I had spent weeks looking through pages of Mastiff puppies...was so nervous about online puppy purchase. Barb answered all my questions very patiently and was a great pleasure to talk to. Everything went just as she explained...puppy did just great in shipping process. I purchased a reverse brindle female from her and she is now 7 months old - super healthy - great head - simply gorgeous - and best of all she's smart as a whip and loves interacting with other dogs...not to mention probably more patient with my kids than I am. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy...don't hesitate - I highly recommend Merckle's Kennel. 8-1-07 I see she has males from the same Sire and Dam listed currently. (Bless you Barb for all you do. We are so very happy with our Hemi.)

by Jennifer on Ohio Mastiffs
Great Breeder.

I have two males from this breeder. They are handsom puppies and in great health. This breeder is so kind and knows her stuff. I called her for the first time late at night on a Wendsday and had my dogs by Friday afternoon. I could not have asked for a better transaction. I would purchase from this breeder again.

by Regina on Ohio Mastiffs
Our beautiful male- Apollo

I did a lot of research before I finally decided on a breeder. Barbara was always very quick to answer my many many questions. I also feel that she was very honest with me about everything. I finally decided to buy a puppy from her, however, our litter was only three weeks old at the time and we had to wait several weeks before the puppy was ready. I think we probably drove her crazy calling and emailing, we couldn't wait. But she never seemed to mind and was always ready to update us on our baby and send us new pictures. She was great and our puppy is great. He is now 4 and 1/2 months old, 25 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 78 lbs. I know this because I keep track of his height on my door, just like I do with my children- ha ha! He is one of the family, best dog ever, great temperment, pretty lazy, and my best friend. Thanks Barbara! Regina in Mobile, AL

by sunshyne on Ohio Mastiffs

I've been researching about Mastiff's for a year now.And once i decided that this is what i wanted it was time to find a breeder.I came across Merckle's Hilltop,and with reading about other breeder's.I always came back to Merckle's Hilltop she guarntee's everything including hips,Ms.Barbara is the sweetest lady you will ever talk too.We emailed each other back and forth for a few weeks,and then i finally called her and said i want a puppy.I called her on a friday nite and said im ready,she said she'd see if she could get him into the vet saturday to get his health check.If not then monday i was so pleased she said my pup was getting shipped saturday.She was wright he was a "BIG BOY", he weighed 25 lbs sat and when i took him to the vet.Tuesday he weighed 32.8 lbs wow,he gained 7 lbs in 3 days.I recommend Merckle's Hilltop to everyone who wants an experience breeder.She know's alot about Mastiff's.There need's to be more breeder's like her. Sincerly, Sunshyne Chaney

by linda on Ohio Mastiffs

As a mastiff breeder, I may be cutting my own throat by stating this, but lets give credit where credit is due. Barbara Merckel and her mastiffs are one of the nicest you'll ever do business with. I've bought 7 mastiffs off Barbara through the years and can honestly say there is not a bad one in the bunch. She
stands by her dogs making her reputation impecable, which is something any and everyone should hold in high reguard when looking for a dog. My dogs are all as loving, beautiful and of sound temperment as any mastiff/owner/breeder could ask for. Look no further when buying a mastiff than Barbara. Of course,
unless it's me. Your the greatest Barbara....Linda

by Kristine on Ohio Mastiffs
Our Newest Addition

What an amazing experience this has been. Cecily is the second Mastiff we've gotten and growing like a weed. At 7 weeks and 3 days old she is a healthy 21 pounds and 13 inches tall at the shoulders. She has a wonderful temperment and is just a beautiful specimen. I would recommend Merckle's Hilltop Kennel to anyone looking for a quality Mastiff!

by Member on Ohio Mastiffs
Bought my male in 2004

I bought my Shaq in early 2004 from Barbara, I was so happy with the way she had the babies when I got to her home, very clean & fed very well, she is a loving breeder & I would tell anyone to buy from Barb & no need to worry they will get a very nice mastiff. Hope to get another from Barb soon :0) Thanks Jackie, Shaq & the rest of the family

by Maria on Ohio Mastiffs
Mastiff Male

We purchased our wonderful baby boy and had him flown to Florida and he is awesome. Everything we had hoped for. He is sweet and big big big. Thank you Barbara. Maria and Darby, Florida