Olde English Mastiff Puppy Breeders in Ohio

English Mastiff Breeders in Ohio

I met my husband, Ron, when I was fifteen years old. I was walking my dogs down a country road when he stopped to ask for directions (did he really need directions….we will never know). We have been together ever since that day 42 years ago. Ron is a retired Civil Engineer and Surveyor. Together we have 5 adult children, 4 sons and a daughter. We live on a farm in the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio. I have always been an animal lover with a strong maternal instinct to nurture, and since you just can’t keep having babies, I decided I wanted to raise puppies. By raising puppies I can have babies that I love and then pass them on to someone that’s looking for a healthy bundle of joy to add as a new member of their family! By purchasing a puppy from me you have a reliable and reputable person to contact if you ever have any questions or concerns of your new puppy. I have many other species of animals on our farm that I enjoy and would love to share with you and your family. Pictured below are a few of them. We welcome you to visit and see for yourself!!!!